Why Do I Need Offline Capability with My Field Services Solution?

If you manage a business that requires work in the field, you are almost certain to seek out an appropriate field services solution. Implementation of this service is a basic step, but its functionality will be left incomplete if you do not include offline capability in your service package.

The trend in today’s world is toward automation of procedures, with a view to save time and make workflow more efficient, and there is no shortage of productivity software to serve these needs. Field Service Management Software (FSMS) is one such system that enables companies to manage their operations and resources in the field in real-time.

FSMS allows supervisors to check in with their agents, and provides better and faster task management. The field system is integrated into back-office systems, such as those responsible for inventory, billing, accounting, human resources and others, thus making it easier to communicate and allocate resources more efficiently. All these features are further enhanced by offline capability.

Offline capability essentially entails the availability of a functional interface when no online connectivity is available. For instance, any changes made in work orders will be updated and reflect automatically in all linked devices, regardless of connectivity status. Offline capability enables managers to assign tasks while offline, as well. This way, employees in the field are able to communicate with their central office immediately using their mobile devices, again, even if they lack connectivity.

Of course, each company works differently and has different needs, so just because an application works in one organization does not mean it will work with yours. But what is certain is that if you do decide to implement an FSMS, it is imperative to implement offline capability along with it. Doing so will improve your FSMS’s most important features, such as task management, inventory, accounting, communications and scheduling, among others.

You can find further information about FSMS here.

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