Why Managing Proposals in OFS PRO is Better than Spreadsheets

You probably don’t need to be reminded of the time-sink spreadsheets can represent for your business staff. Anyone with even minimal experience producing, editing, or even searching through financial spreadsheets knows how easily the hours can pass you by while you’re creating or sending proposals in spreadsheet form. But the good news is that you can now do the same tasks much more quickly and efficiently by utilizing the service enterprise solution OFS PRO to automate your quotes and proposals. Automating these processes with a field service software will streamline your proposal process so you can save your staff time and energy, while at the same time getting your proposals out more quickly to your customers, whether existing or potential.

Uniformity of Consistency for Staff and Customers Alike

A key advantage of using OFS PRO is that it will give keep proposals consistent in terms of format and layout, so that customers can easily navigate proposals details and know what to expect from one proposal to another. Moreover, because you’ll always be using the same simple and easy-to-use forms and processes to generate your proposals, you’ll save countless hours in training staff to create proposals the old way, using messy and complex spreadsheets. Furthermore, since OFS Pro is a suite of services, it will integrate all your documents and customer information into one database, so that your proposals are always filled in correctly and up-to-date, and sent out to the correct customer contact and current address.

Easy, Step-by-Step Proposal Generation Saves Time, Money, and Even Mishaps

As mentioned, using OFS PRO to generate your company’s proposals is far easier and straightforward than the outmoded spreadsheet alternative. First of all, you will immediately feel comfortable with the OFS PRO interface, because its look and feel are familiarly similar to Microsoft Outlook. Creating a new proposal is just as simple as creating a work order. You’ll automatically be guided, step-by-step, through each frame so you can fill in all the necessary fields to complete your proposal and get it sent out fast. For example, you’ll be asked to assign employees, assets, and supervisors to each proposal. What’s more, OFS PRO will alert you automatically if any of the employees or assets you try to assign are already scheduled for work during the same dates as your service order. Obviously, this improvement to your asset management will spare you a significant amount of time and even potential mishaps, which means less money spent on money made.

Full Integration Helps You Streamline and Keep Tabs on Your Workflow

Because OFS PRO links your entire workflow together, from assets to employees to customers right to accounting, you’ll be spared the headache of exporting and keeping track of the mountain of spreadsheets you used to need to get proposals to the right hands and turn them into work orders. For instance, proposals won’t be cleared for submission to the customer until they have been signed off on by an administrator, thus avoiding the potential disaster of sending out incorrect information to customers. In addition, when a proposal is approved, it can also be easily converted to a work order with all the pertinent details already entered into the system. What’s more, you can easily revise proposals, regardless of when they were generated or what stage of the process they are in, to see any changes made to them, by whom, and when, as well as any comments the editor left to explain the change.

So why wait? Give your spreadsheets (not to mention yourself) a rest, and switch over to OFS PRO today. You’re guaranteed to find the proposal generation process vastly easier, quicker, and efficient than the olden days of spreadsheet mess and stress.

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