OFS PRO in Practice: An Oilfield Case Study

Oilfield Operations: Then and Now

Oilfield practices some thirty years ago are unrecognizable today. Inefficient working standards often resulted in grave profit loss due to slow reporting methods or the lack of accessible information. WebCreek detected the urgency for oilfield practices to become more efficient to save time and raise profits in a cost-effective way. And so, OFS PRO was born: a user-friendly, all-in-one tool to instantly access information and optimize reporting, marrying field data to modern technology.

Now, in 2017, OFS PRO is an established field data and reporting management system, which uses real-time, live-fed information from the field and home office. It features a comprehensive dashboard to allow users to drill-down data, control scheduling and dispatching, and build custom reports; with back-office integration to generate invoice templates and standard forms, as well as track customer information. As a result, its users can store and use information more efficiently, offering stakeholders a way to immediately visualize oilfield intelligence.

OFS PRO’s functionalities have rapidly expanded ways for oilfield businesses to boost revenue and ROI. The system features a fully integrated quote-to-cash system, which allows its users to generate and track proposals, manage dispatch and scheduling, capture field ticket signatures electronically, perform approval workflows, and generate invoices. When field tickets are paper-based or in spreadsheets, lost field tickets means lost field revenue. But with OFS PRO’s data backed up by the cloud, these issues are eradicated.

Robust reporting features also allow managers to easily examine KPIs and therefore make actionable decisions faster. With all data captured automatically or through simple use input, labor requirements are drastically reduced and completely paperless workflows are enabled. A fully electronic job packet simplifies HS&E accountability for all employees and eliminates duplicate entries. The system records incident and near miss reports, documents safety meeting minutes, and integrates employee certifications with dispatch using digital JSA templates customizable by job type. This comprehensive tracking improves personnel and site safety and reduces admin costs.

OFS PRO also rehabilitates processes for asset management. It carries unlimited nested assembly levels with usage tracking by individual component, uses maintenance calendars based on usage, and integrates with dispatch and E-ticketing. Additionally, where pricing contracts and field tickets are used for bidding, OFS PRO’s automatized inventory helps benchmark information faster, and is accessible to both engineering consultants and bidding participants.

Visualizing the Oilfield

Responding to new technology, we introduced OFS PRO mobile last year. Field personnel can now locate nearby assets using bluetooth iBeacon tracking on their smartphone GPS to get work orders covered even more quickly. It also lets users input data offline, automatically synchronizing when connectivity is regained and allowing for constant productivity. Additionally, since deliveries can be verified by OFS PRO mobile’s electronic signature capabilities, and photos can be submitted as attachments within the app, overall communication with the OFS PRO desktop app at the home office becomes seamless.

Integrating OFS PRO as an inexpensive platform for day-to-day oilfield practices proves its worth with numbers. OFS PRO customers on average saw their DSO reduced by 70% or more, and overall process efficiency from bid to invoice increased by 80% or more. When an oil business comes to WebCreek with specific issues in mind, we drill into that company’s processes to achieve their objectives, customizing OFS PRO for bespoke use to yield palpable results.
As technology evolves, our vision is to help energy companies evolve with it. With an eye to the future, we’ve begun to apply advanced 3D technology to train oilfield employees, relieving pressure on compliance and regulatory requirements. With hyper-enhanced visualization functionalities to review business data, OFS PRO users will be able to bolster their understanding of field information at the deepest levels available.

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